Vicarage Lane

Space Studios
Year: 2019 – 2021

In 2019, a large-scale illustration was installed at SPACE Ilford, drawing deeply from childhood memories of a home situated among a row of terraced houses on Vicarage Lane, less than a mile from the exhibition space. This work remained on display until 2021, offering a poignant reflection on the intimate connections between personal history and the physical spaces one inhabits. Inspired by the childhood dwelling, the piece explores the complex interplay of political, cultural, and personal influences on home design and the ways in which these spaces are lived in and shared.

The illustration is a personal architectural narrative, capturing three iterations of self surrounding the familial home, aiming to articulate the profound influence of place and space in shaping identity. This connection to one’s roots is depicted as deeply ingrained, an intrinsic part of one's essence.

Merging the concepts of home and self, it is suggested that the interior, private domains of a house, typically concealed behind brick and glass harbor the individual's desires, beliefs, and thoughts. In this artistic interpretation, the standard exterior of social housing transforms to visually narrate inner aspects of memory and personality. This project stands as the most autobiographical work to date, resonating with themes of nostalgia and separation, and engaging in a dialogue that spans both retrospect and anticipation.

Presented at a time of significant change for Ilford, amidst the rise of new developments and the awaited arrival of Crossrail which became the Elizabeth line, the artwork acknowledges the ever changing nature of places. This transformation underscores an awareness of the dynamic character of environments, capturing a moment for both personal reflection and collective consideration.