The House of Many Ways

Outdoor Play Commission
The Mosaic Rooms
Year: 2022

The House of Many Ways," an innovative outdoor play commission that was installed at The Chelsea Theatre, provided an engaging array of activities for both children and adults to delve into the world of architectural exploration and spatial discovery. This interactive installation created a unique space for creative play, aimed to inspire and ignite curiosity within the realms of architecture.

In April 2022, a series of experimental workshops were conducted with children and young people from Earl’s Court Youth Club. These collaborative sessions were instrumental in shaping the architectural installation, highlighting its interactive and co-produced nature. With movable elements at its heart, the installation enabled participants to design their own spatial configurations, facilitating storytelling and an introduction to architectural principles in a tactile and engaging manner.

Fully equipped with all necessary materials, the installation was made inclusive and accessible, welcoming children aged 4 and above. Ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Though "The House of Many Ways" has now concluded, its legacy endures. It served as a testament to the power of creative collaboration in bridging the gap between art and architecture, leaving a lasting impact on participants by showcasing the endless possibilities of architectural design and creative play and joy. This project remains a highlight, illustrating the transformative potential of engaging with space and form through imaginative exploration.

The Mosaic Rooms’ outdoor play commissions – This is the second play commission in the new series launched by The Mosaic Rooms last summer with Alaa Satir’s The Dancers’ Garden. It forms part of the Creative Learning programme, which is developed in dialogue with local people. The commissions provide artists the possibility to explore playful practice, and local children opportunities to participate in artist led workshops. Sahra Hersi is The Mosaic Rooms’ 2022 family artist and delivers free public workshops in May and October 2022 as part of the family programme. Other family friendly activities at The Mosaic Rooms include a play area and children’s reading corner in the bookshop.

Earls Court Youth Club (ECYC) brings together young people from diverse backgrounds and, is one of the best attended voluntary sector youth club in Kensington & Chelsea. ECYC delivers inspiring projects, engaging activities and wide-ranging programmes that support and motivate local young people. Their work is youth-led – with young people choosing and leading projects and activities. ECYC also distribute food to young people and the community. ECYC advocates for young people who have been excluded from school and for families with housing, immigration and policing issues.

The Chelsea Theatre is a community and arts Incubation hub based at World’s End in Chelsea Riverside. The 1960’s ‘brick-brutalist’ building offers a suite of six studios and meeting rooms, a community café and lobby venue, a terrace bar and a 130-seat theatre/cinema. The Theatre hosts a wide range of creative output, supporting emerging artists from the community, borough and across the city along with classes, support groups and a community café.

Thanks to Aaron, Adam, Aisha, Alessandro, Ali, Andi, Benedetta, Cat, Diáz, Elisa, Ellis, Isabelle, Jean-Mark, Julian, Juliette, Kali, Lamisa, Las, Leyton, Mia, Selma, Sky and Zak from ECYC.