Growing Futures

Objective: The project aimed to develop an engaging and educational resource for young people, emphasizing the beauty and diversity of the natural world. The activity pack was created to inspire a deeper connection with nature, foster creativity, and enhance understanding of environmental stewardship among the youth.

Process: Working closely with F.A.T. Studio CIC and Studio Voltaire, we undertook a detailed exploration of Studio Voltaire's artist-designed garden, drawing inspiration from its rich tapestry of plants, fruits, and flowers. The pack was meticulously crafted, incorporating vibrant illustrations, interactive activities, and informative fun facts, all while ensuring an age-appropriate and accessible design.

Outcome: The final product is a free, downloadable activity pack that offers a blend of artistic exploration and environmental education. It includes creative spaces for personal sketches and garden designs, inviting young people to express their creativity and ideas about community gardening. Physical copies of the pack are also available at Studio Voltaire, providing a tangible connection to the project.

Download here 

Growing Futures: The Garden Activity Pack
Published June 2023
Activities designed and illustrated by © Sahra Hersi
Pack designed by Tommy Brentnall
with garden illustrations by Kate Ducker of F.A.T Studio
A digital version of this pack is available at