Play/Ground with Peak Cymru

2024 - Present/Ongoing

Play/Ground is an innovative community project located at The Old School in Crickhowell, Wales, developed by Peak Cymru. This initiative transforms the former playground into a dynamic community garden, serving as both a physical site and a conceptual tool to foster collaboration among local residents, young people, and intergenerational groups throughout 2024 and beyond.

Project Vision Play/Ground is envisioned as a space where creative practice and horticultural activities come together to inspire sustainable living and community engagement. By adhering to permaculture principles, the project seeks to learn from the site and its participants, cultivating a shared vision for its future use.

Young People’s Programme: A series of monthly sessions called "Play/Ground," aimed at 14-18 year-olds, involves creative and horticultural activities. The program includes 1-3 workshops within a six-session programme, guiding the youth in designing and implementing garden features.

Intergenerational Workshops: Resources are created for workshops involving intergenerational groups, allowing the wider community to contribute their ideas and skills to the garden.

Community Engagement and Learning: Throughout the project, participants will have opportunities to learn from experts in various fields, including artists, environmentalists, and designers. This knowledge transfer will enhance young people's skills and awareness of sustainable living practices. The project will also host a community feast in Autumn 2024, celebrating the collective efforts and achievements of all participants.

Community Garden Development: Through the collaborative design and implementation process, the former playground will be transformed into a vibrant community/artist garden. This space will serve as a resource for creative and restorative learning, providing a sustainable environment for community activities and events. The garden will become a hub for community engagement, fostering a deeper connection between residents and their local environment. These workshops and programme is the first stage in the design development of the garden over time.