Photo credits: © Dominick Tyler

Designing Cultural Access

Company Drinks
Year: 2021

A family of small design interventions was implemented in the Community room at Company Drinks' bowling pavilion building in Barking Park. The design was developed through a series of conversations with stakeholders who use the space, such as The Grow Club and a homeschooling group. The information gathered was then input into an empathy map to figure out how the space could be made accessible, welcoming, and comfortable for all users. Although the budget was limited, this process ensured that it would be spent to maximum effect.

One of the design interventions involved expanding one column to become a bookshelf. Stakeholders wanted quick access to the small Bulk Collection, and having it visible in the room was important. Additionally, a designated place was created for the homeschooling group to keep their equipment and tidy it away quickly after use.

Another intervention included a display and identity on the wall for Company Drinks. This showcase highlights the drinks they've made over the years and celebrates the beverages made for the local community, effectively creating a small exhibition.

Furthermore, a chalkboard was installed that could be used to advertise food being cooked in the kitchen, or for the homeschooling group and other community groups to write and brainstorm ideas.

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Beautifully fabricated by DJ Simpson