Photo credits: © Dominick Tyler

Designing Cultural Access

Company Drinks
Year: 2021

A series of small design interventions were implemented in the Community room at Company Drinks' bowling pavilion building in Barking Park. These designs were developed through conversations with stakeholders who use the space, including The Grow Club and a homeschooling group. The insights gathered were input into an empathy map to determine how to make the space more accessible, welcoming, and comfortable for all users. Despite a limited budget, this process ensured that the funds were used to maximum effect.

One of the interventions involved expanding a column into a bookshelf. Stakeholders expressed the need for quick access to the small book collection, making it visible and accessible within the room. Additionally, a designated area was created for the homeschooling group to store and quickly tidy away their equipment.

Another intervention was the installation of a wall display highlighting Company Drinks' identity. This display showcases the various drinks they have produced over the years, celebrating the beverages made for the local community and effectively creating a small exhibition.

Furthermore, a chalkboard was installed for advertising food being cooked in the kitchen and for use by the homeschooling group and other community groups to write and brainstorm ideas.

The design interventions at Company Drinks' bowling pavilion in Barking Park transformed the Community room into a more inclusive and functional space. By engaging with stakeholders like The Grow Club and a homeschooling group, the project identified key needs and incorporated practical solutions such as a bookshelf column, a designated equipment area, a display for Company Drinks, and a chalkboard for community use. These thoughtful changes have created a welcoming environment that supports diverse activities and fosters a sense of community, maximising the impact of the available budget.

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