Context: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Deptford X Festival innovatively adapted by relocating its events outdoors in 2021. To support this new format, a unique installation was developed, aimed at facilitating a safe and engaging environment for festival-goers.

Installation Description: Crafted to stand out with its vibrant colors and engaging patterns, the installation drew inspiration from the festival's 'X' motif. This design choice aimed not just to attract attention but to inject a spirit of joy and celebration into the festival's atmosphere. Far from being a mere decorative element, it was conceptualized to enhance the festival experience by serving as a dynamic space for information, performances, and social interaction.

Functionality: Designed for versatility, the installation doubled as practical furniture. Outside festival times, it could seamlessly integrate into an office setting. During the festival, however, it transformed into a crucial node for attendees to gather, perform, and access festival information. Its mobility was ensured by wheels, making it easy to position wherever it was most needed, and its design facilitated access and use from both sides.

Role and Impact: This installation was significant in adapting the festival to an outdoor format, playing a key role in maintaining the flow of information and the vibrancy of performances. It symbolised the festival's ability to innovate and keep the community spirit alive, even in the face of public health challenges. More than just a physical structure, it represented a space of connection and cultural expression, underscoring the festival's ongoing commitment to art, creativity, community and togetherness.

Special Feature: A Gesture of Kindness: A unique aspect of the installation was the introduction of a limited edition Riso printed poster, which captured the essence of the pop-up and its message of kindness. Featuring an image of the installation with a person holding a sign that read "Always Be Kind," this poster was distributed for free on a select day, in a move that celebrated the festival's commitment to generosity and community spirit. This limited edition poster not only became a keepsake for attendees but also served as a tangible reminder of the festival's values of kindness and inclusivity.

Fabrication: Milo McGrath Carpentry