A House for Now

A weeklong workshop for students from Tower Hamlets College. The week kicked off with a visit to the Barbican to see the Japanese Houses exhibition. I wrote a brief for the students asking them to carefully observe all the houses featured in the exhibition. They met with one of the curators who explained how all the houses featured were designed in response to a specific condition, be it political, cultural or direct representations of clients personalities, these factors all informed the architecture of the houses. This was to get the students thinking about the relationship between clients and architects. The brief asked them to watch the Moriyama House film and consider how the architect Ryue Nishizawa designed a house to reflect and compliment the inhabitant Yasuo Moriyama personality, an enigmatic urban hermit. At the end of the first day each student was given a fictional character with a specific personality, tastes, histories and needs. They each designed a house for their character by creating mood boards, models, sketch ideas and final drawings.